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5 CPE Credits

Incident Management: Preparation and Response

Incident Management: Preparation and Response

Security professionals often find themselves dealing with situations in which a security control or policy is violated, but an actual breach has not occurred. This self-paced immersive course helps you answer the following questions:

  • How do you define a security incident?
  • How do you prevent an incident from becoming a breach?
  • How can security incidents be leveraged as an opportunity to improve your organization's security posture?

By combining key definitions of incident management and demonstrating through real-world examples, you will learn how to determine that an event has become an incident, quickly and effectively respond to eliminate the immediate threat, and develop strategies and solutions to ensure that similar incidents do not continue to plague your organization in the future.


  • What is an Incident?
  • Elements of Incident Response
  • Responding Efficiently
  • Root Cause Analysis and Prevention
  • Proactive Incident Management and the Future of Incident Management

Who Should Take This Course:

Cybersecurity professionals who are charged with responding to security incidents and building and improving their organization’s security program.

About This Course:

This course takes you through 5 immersive scenarios where you will assume various roles and make critical decisions involved in protecting your organization. Instructional videos, activities, knowledge checks, perspectives from the field and additional resources are provided to help guide you and support the course learning objectives. Each module includes an on-the-job activity to apply course concepts. At the end of the course you will be asked to take a final assessment and must score 70% or higher prior to receiving a certificate of completion and earning continuing professional education (CPE) credits.