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5 CPE Credits

Data Protection: Where Regulation Meets Best Practice

With an ever-increasing list of global data protection regulations, it is more important than ever for security professionals to ensure privacy is at the forefront of security practices. Laws and regulations require companies to protect data and personal information. Violations can carry stiff penalties and fines. During this course, join the team at SemiSwiss as they experience the impact of violating a data protection regulation, and learn the steps to remediate and improve business practices. As you work through the course, you will be introduced to a variety of regulations and security frameworks as well as presented some best practices for incorporating privacy principles into security


  • The Violations
  • The Data
  • The Regulations
  • The Repairs
  • The New Priorities

Who Should Take This Course:

Security professionals working in a variety of industries and global regions. No prerequisite knowledge is required, although an understanding of security concepts and principles is recommended.

About This Course:

Immersive Courses provide in-depth training on a variety of relevant and timely cybersecurity topics. This course is a five-hour immersive learning course with video and text-based content, animated and interactive graphics, outlined processes and knowledge checks. At the end of the course, you will be asked to take a final assessment and must score 70% or higher prior to receiving a certificate of completion and earning continuing professional education (CPE) credits.