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4 CPE Credits

Conducting Practical Risk Analysis for Security Professionals

Risks and security related issues represent an ongoing concern of any business. Assessing and analyzing risks and issues should be a continuous and comprehensive exercise in any organization. During this course, you will gain practical experience working through risk assessment, analysis, mitigation, remediation, and communication. Throughout the course, security professionals acquire skills needed to holistically examine operational risk management, learn to work cross-functionally, determine how to use risk data effectively, and disseminate actionable information and findings.


  • Discovering Risk
  • Organizing Risk
  • Eliciting Risk
  • Analyzing Risk
  • Communicating Risk

Who Should Take This Course:

Cybersecurity professionals who wish to learn more about organizational risk analysis, including how it manifests, deploys, and is acted on within a holistic corporate setting. A basic understanding of risk management principles and how cybersecurity operations connect to risk management practices. A high-level understanding of organizational risk process within a specific organization is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

About This Course:

Immersive Courses provide in-depth training on a variety of relevant and timely cybersecurity topics. Within the immersive exercise throughout this course, you will apply policies and procedures against organizational risk appetite, assess governance and compliance frameworks, and select the best means to communicate given an organization’s risk culture and awareness. To receive a certificate of completion and earn 4 Group A CPE credits towards (ISC)² credentials, all learning activities must be completed, a course evaluation completed and a score of 70% or higher on the final assessment.