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Petition to Start an (ISC)² Chapter

Thank you for your interest in starting an (ISC)² Chapter in your local community! To begin the process of forming an (ISC)² Chapter, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an (ISC)² member in good standing for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Be a resident of the area in which you plan to start a chapter for at least one (1) year
  • Have proven leadership experience in a professional setting
  • Not currently serving as an officer of another security chapter organization
  • No previous convictions of criminal activity or conduct

Before applying to start a chapter, please review the (ISC)² Chartering Chapter Guidelines. It provides an overview of the entire chartering process, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to become an official chapter. Important policy and legal information is included. You will need to review and acknowledge the Guidelines before submitting your petition to start a new chapter. Also, please refer to any regional conditions listed on the chapter application when you apply. This will be listed on the description page for the regional application.

If you’ve met the eligibility requirements and have read the Guidelines, the next step is to complete an online petition with your contact information and professional experience, as well as the purpose and structure pertaining to the chapter you would like to establish. The information below provides you with the information you will need to complete online during the open enrollment periods Please contact us with any questions at


Member Profile

          First Name           Zip/Postal Code
Last Name Country
(ISC)² ID #: Time Zone
Street Address   Primary Email
City   Office Phone Number
State/Province    Mobile Phone Number

1.  How long have you been a resident at your current location? Indicate Years/Months.

2.  Number of years since you became a member of (ISC)²: Under/Over 3 Years?

3.  Are you a member of professional or security chapter organization?

  • If so, which one(s)?

4.  Have you previously submitted a petition to start an (ISC)² Chapter?

  • If so, where?

Leadership Experience

1.  Do you currently have the time and commitment to establish an (ISC)² Chapter?

2.  Do you have professional leadership experience? If yes, how many years?

  • Explain your leadership experience (team lead, project lead, management style, etc.)

3.  Are you a current leader of a professional or security chapter organization?

  • If so, which one(s)?

4.  Please upload a copy of your resume/CV.

Chapter Plan

Proposed Location

1.  What is the name of your proposed chapter?

2.  Provide details pertaining to the chapter's geographical boundaries. Describe the area and provide boundaries.

3.  If requesting a regional or country chapter that spans a large geographical area, explain how members will be served effectively.

4.  What is the central location for proposed chapter?

5.  Are there any competing security chapters in the area?

  • If so, please identify the local chapter organization(s).

Proposed Structure

Purpose – What is your reason for starting an (ISC)² chapter in the proposed area?

Vision/Mission – What do you want the chapter to achieve/accomplish?

Objectives/Focus – Is there a specific area of interest that your chapter would focus on, such as education, networking, community service, etc.?

  • If yes, please explain.

Activities/Projects – What activities or projects do you propose for the chapter?

Structure – Describe the structure and format of your proposed chapter by answering the following:

  • Where would you hold meetings?
  • How often would you meet?
  • Would you charge membership dues?
  • How would you fund the chapter?
  • Would you register as a non-profit organization (or similar)?

What other plans do you have for the chapter?

Upload supporting documentation (if applicable).