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How much does a CISSP make?

Average CISSP Salaries

Cybersecurity professionals who earn the CISSP are among the most sought-after security experts in the world. Through various (ISC)² research, benchmarking surveys and third-party studies, we have compiled a list of salary estimates for CISSPs around the world.*

The (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study is conducted annually to help benchmark professional development goals and salaries, as well as better understand the challenges and opportunities facing the cybersecurity profession. Based on our latest data, estimates for average CISSP salaries across the globe are contained in the table below:


Average CISSP Salary (U.S. $)

Globally $75,212
North America $102,326
Europe, Middle East & Africa $57,066
Asia Pacific $60,925
Latin America $25,798

Additionally, the 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report – Salary and Certifications from Global Knowledge estimates average CISSPs salaries below:


Average CISSP Salary (U.S. $)

Globally $116,573
North America $123,815
Europe, Middle East & Africa $95,340
Asia-Pacific $91,688
Latin America $57,168

Certification Magazine lists the top 75 highest salaried credential holders in its annual Salary Survey 75 report.


Average CISSP Salary (U.S. $)

United States $135,510
Globally $123,490

Additionally, as of July 2020, ZipRecruiter and PayScale estimate strong salaries for CISSPs in the United States at $125,470 and $112,234, respectively.

What is the CISSP?

The CISSP  (Certified Information Security Systems Professional) certification recognizes information security leaders who understand cybersecurity strategy, as well as hands-on implementation. It shows you have the knowledge and experience to design, develop and manage the overall security posture of an organization. Are you ready to prove you’re an expert? Learn more here.

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*There are many variables that may contribute an individual’s salary attainment, including country, region, industry, years of experience, level within an organization, individual performance, an employer’s hiring and compensation practices, and more. The information shared should not be considered a guaranteed or estimated salary for all candidates earning the CISSP. Survey, response panels and research methodology vary across all the sources cited above.