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Outstanding Partner Award


This Outstanding Partner Award recognizes a company or organization for their support of the Center and its mission to grow the cybersecurity profession and its positive impact on the world by raising awareness, building a diverse pipeline of cybersecurity professionals, and activating a more secure digital world. This must be a group or company effort of support - not that of a lone employee or member.


Presented to one company, (ISC)² Chapter, or organization annually at (ISC)² Security Congress event.


Companies and organizations will be judged based on their support of the Center through volunteering with Center programs, impact on the professional pipeline, cybersecurity education of society at large, leadership in the field, and philanthropy.

Time. To what magnitude did the nominee expend time supporting the Center, for example by promoting the Center and its programs, scholarship and fundraising efforts through use of their meetings, newsletters, website, local media and/or social media?

Talent. To what magnitude did the nominee harness the talent of its employees, members, and so on to support the Center and its programming through volunteering efforts? What impact did the nominee’s efforts have?

Treasure. To what extent did the nominee donate their own funds and/or influence others to donate to the Center?


The Center for Cyber Safety and Education is proud to recognize our awardees. Recipients will receive:

  • Personalized, engraved award
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Recognition during (ISC)² Security Congress conference
  • Complimentary Security Congress pass for one company or organizational officer or delegate to attend
  • Invitation to and recognition at exclusive VIP Awards Reception, if onsite
  • Recognition at Networking Night/Attendee Party during Security Congress, if onsite
  • Press release and recognition on the Center for Cyber Safety and Education and (ISC)² website and other communications channels honoring award recipients


Eligibility: To better understand eligibility for nominees, nominators and award committees, please refer to (ISC)²’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

Eligible Nominees:

  • Nominations are open to any business or organization who meets the criteria
  • Nominee NOT limited to US only
  • Self-nominations are permitted

Ineligible Nominees:

  • Businesses or organizations that have been honored in the last three years

Eligible Nominators:

  • Nominations can be submitted by individuals, volunteers, or employees of company or organization
  • Both (ISC)² members and non-members are encouraged to nominate


Nomination Package
Your nomination package must contain the following components without exceeding the length requirement of two pages (max) per document.

  • Completed nomination form hosted in (ISC)²’s submission system. The nomination form will require details such as:
    • Relationship with nominee
    • Account of nominee’s accomplishments for each of the award’s criteria
      Please be sure to complete all required sections and save your work. You may return and finish your submission at any time before the submission deadline.
  • Website for company or organization, name, address, and email of best company contact.
  • Optional: A nomination letter with one-sentence citation (150 characters or less). Letterhead stationery is preferred. Nominator’s name, title, institution, and contact information (phone number and email address) are required. The citation should appear at either the beginning or end of the nomination letter. The nomination letter should account for the accomplishments of the candidate based on the criteria established for this award.


  • Nominated body of work must be completed outside of nominators’ normal duties and responsibilities.
  • Submissions must align with the category for which they are nominated and requires completeness and accuracy of the information provided. Nominators may be contacted by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education staff regarding the nomination package requirements or to clarity or confirm the accuracy of any information provided.
  • Multiple nominations of same nominee do not increase chances of winning.
  • Nominators can submit several nominations, including several for the same nominee in different categories, as long as the profile and body of work stay relevant to the category. A separate form is required for each entry, even if you are submitting the same person for more than one category. However, you may not nominate the same individual in the same category more than once, and you may not nominate the same person for the same body of work for different categories. The work must be different and appropriate to the category.
  • An individual cannot win the same category for three years after winning the award. Award recipients can be nominated and chosen for another award different from the award received previously.
  • If the nominee does not want some of the information on the application known, the nominator may indicate which parts of the application should be kept confidential. Further, the information will only be used to judge against criteria and will not be distributed outside of the committee or announced publicly, without express consent of the company and the nominee.
  • Members of the judging panel must abide by (ISC)²’s Non-Disclosure Agreement policy. In addition, the Center for Cyber Safety and Education has a strict privacy policy and will respect all requests for confidentiality.
  • All submissions must be in English. Supporting documents and any material submitted that is not in English will not be considered. Please also provide a brief description of the document in English, if only a local language supporting document is available.
  • Guidelines and procedures may be changed at the discretion of The Center for Cyber Safety and Education.


For questions or to request more information, please email