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(ISC)² Inclusion Impact Award


The Inclusion Impact Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates achievement and is a leader in helping to achieve (ISC)²’s DEI vision to foster and advance a diverse, equitable and inclusive cyber world. This individual has made significant contributions to driving a more diverse workforce in the global cybersecurity community by initiating and leading actions to remove barriers and positively impact the diversity, equity and inclusion of the cyber profession through engagement activities such as scholarships, advocacy, training/education or nonprofit work, serving as a strong ally for diverse communities, or other means to create a level playing field for the inclusion of all individuals in the world of cybersecurity.


Presented annually at the (ISC)² Security Congress event.


Below are the criteria evaluated for this award:

  • Leadership & Character
    • Significantly promote diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and cultural competency development
    • Promotion or demonstration of the core values and behaviors set out in the (ISC)² DEI mission statement

      (ISC)² Mission Statement:
      To remain committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across ethnicity, race, gender, age, religion, ability, status, identity, perspective and experience.

      We are fueled by these differences that not only help to generate the innovative ideas we need to solve the complex problems facing our society, organisations and the cybersecurity community globally, but also what we need to collectively learn, grow and thrive.

    • Demonstrates the impact of, and positive outcomes from, an intersectional approach (viewing personal demographics such as age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, neurodivergence, veteran status, social mobility, disability and gender in combination instead of in isolation).
    • Demonstrates commitment to ensuring that DEI principles are core to their area of work and the cyber profession
    • Shows evidence of increased DEI principles in their work, in policy and services delivery as a result of a focus on DEI programming and advocacy.
    • Lead initiatives in capturing outcomes of increased awareness, understanding or promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and cultural competency
  • Impact and Sustainability
    • Improving diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and cultural competency through educational, programming and advocacy initiatives
    • Has the nominee made an impact beyond their immediate team/business area/department?
    • Will the initiative/practice described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated throughout the cyber community and/or globally?
  • Industry Engagement
    • Creating partnerships between organizations, leaders, managers and/or employees to resolve and elevate diversity issues
    • Implementing steps toward fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and cultural competency with programs that maximize the potential of all people across the globe
    • Address key areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and cultural competency such as recruitment, advancement, and retention
    • Promoting diversity education and training in various professional and community spaces


(ISC)² is proud to honor our awardees by providing the following benefits. Recipients will receive:

  • Personalized, engraved award
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Recognition throughout the (ISC)² Security Congress conference during award presentation year
  • Recognition within InfoSecurity Professional magazine
  • One complimentary hotel night at Security Congress event in award presentation year, if onsite
  • Complimentary Security Congress pass for each honoree and their nominator
  • Recognition at and invitation to exclusive VIP Awards Reception, if onsite
  • Recognition at Networking Night/Attendee Party during Security Congress, if onsite
  • Press Release and blog post honoring award recipients


To better understand eligibility for nominees, nominators, and award committees, please refer to (ISC)²’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

Eligible Nominees:

  • (ISC)² Members and Non-Members

Ineligible Nominees:

  • Self-nominations are not permitted
  • (ISC)² Board of Directors, senior officers and staff

Eligible Nominators:

  • Corporate Officers, Vice Presidents, Regional Managing Directors, Cybersecurity Advocates, Senior Managers or (ISC)² Senior Staff
  • (ISC)² Members


For questions or to request more information please email

Tammy Muhtadi
Events and Member Programs Manager

Gina Pacheco
Member Programs Specialist